Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pyjama Swim Lessons!

So for a week lessons starting from the 7th June Aqua Harmony’s swimmers took part in a pyjama swim. This is something Aqua Harmony had wanted to do for a very long time. Most swimmers came to lessons in shorts, tshirts, skirts and even dresses to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care.

The reason for choosing Macmillan Cancer Care as our charity was in memory of a wonderful father and grandfather. As I am sure some of you are aware Kay’s father, Kaylea and Sara’s Grandfather passed away in late March. It was a very hard time and we all suffered from shock as it was a sudden passing. From all our family we would like to firstly thank everyone for their kind words and patience during that difficult time


Swimming in pyjamas is a vital fun skills for every swimmer young or old to experience. Swimming in pyjamas is quite hard due to the resistance of the water over the body due to the clothing. Wearing pyjamas in class is a great way to gain the sensation of clothing against the body and how hard limbs need to move to keep afloat. This means it is ideal for practising key lifesaving abilities. All our Rookie Lifeguards wear clothing in their lessons purely for this reason.

With our younger swimmer we just ask them to come along to lessons in their pjs just for fun nothing serious took place in their lessons. With our older and stronger swimmers skills such as removing their pyjama bottoms, inflating pyjamas, shouting for help, straddle jumps, rescues from the water, treading water and safety rules.


I think everyone had a great time even the teachers (I am pretty sure everyone loved Kaylea’s and Sara’s flowery hats)! I am sure you will all agree with us it was great fun for all (if a bit harder than normal)!
Happy Swimming Everyone,
Kay, Kaylea and Sara

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Going Swimming in Bedfordshire this Half Term?

When going swimming with your children make sure you have much fun as possible! Don’t worry about strokes being practised or the number of lengths completed. Instead jump, float, play and splash as much as possible! Although it won’t feel like children are learning how to swim, in fact they are. Children will be using skills which will help them swim in the future.  
Want your children to learn to swim?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Joining blogger,com

So, Aqua Harmony as just joined I hope you will all enjoy reading our blogs, we hope to update every week with exciting news of what is happening at Aqua Harmony. 

If you do not know what Aqua Harmony is we are Bedfordshire’s Swim and Fitness Academy. We pride ourselves in giving our members a unique experience whether they are babies or adults no matter what the abilities or goals.
Our classes are full of fun and passion with keeping the thought of safety in mind. Classes run all week in the heart of Bedfordshire. The pools are of the best quality with excellent changing facilities.
All tutors are qualified in instructing and in giving first aid to the highest of standards and are CRB checked regularly. 

We run lessons from prenatal to adult learn to swim, with everything in-between. This is a list of what we offer:
·         Antenatal Swimming
·         Adult and Baby
·         Adult and toddler
·         Adult and Nervous Child
·         Female ONLY and Child T
·         Male ONLY and Child
·         Family Swim Classes
·         Newborn Swim
·         Pre-School classes
·         Children’s Learn to Swim (ASA NTPS)
·         Rookie Lifeguard
·         Aqua Youth Groups
·         Pre Competitive Club
·         Teen Fit
·         Back to Swimming
·         Adult Group Lessons
·         Adult Fitness Club
·         Nervous Swimming
·         Aqua Aerobics
·         Aqua Tone
·         Aqua Latino
·         Aqua Variety
·         121 Lessons
·         221 Lessons
·         321 Lessons
·         Distance Awards
·         Stroke Analysis

Our term starts on the 17th of September and we are very busy getting ready, so that’s it for today’s blog but we will hope to be back blogging as soon as we get a chance!

Thanks for reading everyone.
Remember KEEP SWIMMING!!!!

Kaylea and Sara